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Who is Olga?

Originally from Russia, Olga has been places and has helped many overcome emotional issues. She boasts 30 years of experience in solving relationship issues and has recently been writing an advice column in The Scamper.

But not only does Olga give advice on relationships, she will provide you with recipes to spice up your love life.

Her work also involves fundraising for charities and she is no stranger to politics either, although she avoids discussing it.

Now you can Ask Olga about anything on her dedicated website.

What can you ask Olga?

Whether you are looking for an advice on flirting, or how to deal with annoying neighbors, your safest way to a reasonable solution is to just ask Olga!

“What issues has Olga solved,” you might ask?!

Well, relationships are a delicate topic, one approached from many points, one with many faces, but all pointing to the same basic definition of describing a way in which two or more people or things are connected.

If you Ask Olga to help you solve an issue you have at home with your wife and your mother in law, she will help you. One thing she will surely say is that whatever the relationship, it is delicate and it should be protected.

Some relationships are affected by, let’s call them, external factors, such as OCD. A family might be driven apart by one member who suffers from the condition that can make them obsessive and/or compulsive so much that they start attempting to control the actions of other members of the family, quite often in an unpleasant and controlling manner. Well if you Ask Olga about it, she can help.

Now, ladies, you know how at times you meet someone you like, but don’t want to get serious with immediately, or how your friends want you to choose between them and a relationship that has you on cloud nine? Or maybe you just want that friend with benefits but have no idea how to “advertise the offer”? Ask Olga, she has already advised successfully on a number of similar cases, you are not alone, there are many more girls out there in need of advice.

We live in a digital age, everything ends up either on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and it is fair to say that many have not managed to cope with the options and the challenges that come with social media. Trust issues, cheating, it has all reached a different level nowadays, and there are many questions asked on the subject. Fear not though, Ask Olga and she will be there for you.

Whether your husband is receiving business emails from a female client on his private address, or whether your ex-husband is showing off his new girlfriend on Facebook, Olga will help you deal with it. You might get a serving of tough love from time to time, but the hammer will hit the nail on the head with every advice.

And it will hit hard if your Ask Olga how to stay in a relationship with a rich man and avoid intimacy because he does not look as good as his money.

Olga advocates honesty

It is the best policy, isn’t it? For some, Olga’s advice is a call to look at the hard facts. Some either don’t realize that their actions hurt other people, and that it is them where the problem stems from. So, no matter if you ask Olga if it is OK to cheat on your partner, be with them for the wrong reasons or leave for the wrong reasons, expect to be called on it, be honest.

For the most part, people have to be honest with themselves in the first place, in order to be honest to others. And this goes for the siblings too, even though a sibling relationship is a bond way different from any other. Hiding the truth or putting the blame on the other can be detrimental for a relationship.

You might not like the tone all the time, but it is the way of the truth, sometimes it is a bit rough, and Olga is not afraid of it, as long as it gives the right results, and it does.

With honesty comes the conversation. It is something people skip over as they value only their own opinions and discard anyone else’s. “Grow up, have a conversation!” It is not a catch phrase, it is a simple yet effective advice only Olga can pack into so few words.

But Olga’s field of expertise does not stop at the family door, it encompasses all the aspects of relationships, from friendships to coworkers, Olga has heard it all.

Now, if you have a friend who is bad at cooking but keeps inviting you over for dinner, leaving you with no other option but to go to a drive through on your way back home, to wash away the inedible tastes, ask Olga.

Maybe you call someone a friend and they rarely show up for the agreed dinner, even though you made the plans together. Or maybe you have a new coworker who has no boundaries and likes to gossip a lot. Just ask Olga, she’ll help you deal with anything.

Even if the relationships in the office are swaying towards harassment and you have no one to talk to, ask Olga she will certainly help.

Maybe you are just unsure whether to pick up the bill on your first date and you are looking for a set of guidelines. Or maybe, you have a husband who is acting more pregnant than you, these are all issues Olga has been asked about and if you browse the site a little, you will find your answers. If you don’t like searching, just ask Olga about it, you will certainly get an answer.

Olga teaches you to set the record straight

At times people end up on the wrong end of the stick unintentionally, or even out of courtesy.

Whether you have a friend, a girlfriend or a boyfriend who start demanding that you nurture them simply because you found it fitting to offer your significant other finger food by hand, or maybe you got pulled into a marital squabble by allowing one of the partners to use your place as a refuge for a night or two, Olga will have an advice for you. As noted earlier, it hits the nail on the head, so be prepared.

Once a ring gets put on the finger, some enter a world of bliss while for others all hell breaks loose. Partners get clingy, demand reports, track your movements or seek more space for themselves, these are all the pressures one can experience after saying yes. But as always, communication is key, and if you can sit and put things in the right place by talking about them, you should be good to go, if not, well, ask Olga, she will give you a straight answer.

The same goes for friends who have trust issues, or think they have trust issues. Maybe you learned that your close friend kept a secret from you and now you don’t know how behave, whether to reveal that you know the secret or whether to go on an attack and ask why you were excluded?

Money is a constant source of trouble. It buys us many fancy things but the negative effects it can have on a relationship are often detrimental.

You might be the one bringing in all the money, paying bills, saving up and your partner is the one spending everything and always asking for more. These situations boil over as soon as you stop providing more and ask for a contribution. But don’t be afraid, just ask Olga, she will have a few words to say, even if the one spending your partner’s money is the mother in law that wants to show her authority as the lady of the house, whenever and however she gets the chance.

Money or the lack of it can affect parenting too, it is another one of subjects Olga is familiar with.

Imagine having a daughter at the university, but not being able to pay for her to stay in the dormitory, what do you do? You let your child stay at home. However, your daughter, now an adult needs her own space and treats your home like the dorm, bringing people over, sometimes even in the early morning hours. You have no clue what to do, ask Olga, you will certainly get an answer to get you on the right track.

Parenting issues can start as soon as you find out that you are pregnant. But the reasons rarely come from the baby a woman carries in her womb, it is usually the people who think their advice is worth gold. Women who are pregnant for the first time are usually the easy targets.

Maybe your child is already a teenager who has friends with bad manners that are starting to brush off on him and you don’t like it but don’t know how to deal with it. Whichever situation you find yourself in, you know who to come to for real advice, just ask Olga.

Even when they grow up and form their own family your children are your children and it is not unusual that the contact is broken. But how do you repair a broken bond and re-establish a relationship that might have gone south due to whatever reason.

If it isn’t parenting, then it could be a simple question of fitting in. You might have been brought up to be a perfect gentleman, but opening a door for a lady can be interpreted as a rude attempt to check her out. So, if such an issue crosses your path and you don’t know how to deal with it, ask Olga for advice, she has already helped gentlemen in similar distress.

But it is not just gentlemen who can’t understand the behavior of the younger generations that are looking to forge their own paths or evolve their careers. The prevailing culture of permissive parenting in tandem with the social media has given the world a generation of young men and women who consider themselves the next best thing since sliced bread, without any respect for their elders.

There is almost no subject Olga hasn’t come across and holidays bring their own set of trouble for many. Family gatherings don’t always go smooth, especially if you have in laws who make demands simply to make your life miserable.

Maybe you don’t like your nephews or your son is bringing home his new girlfriend for thanksgiving and you can’t stand her, but you don’t want to spoil the fun for your son or your relationship with him.

Expectations during holidays can get rather high and there’s always that one family member with special demands that drives you crazy, or maybe your husband is going overboard to have better Christmas decorations that your next door neighbor.

Or, what if you have that one member who recycles presents simply because they are too lazy to go and buy something new, what do you do? Just ask Olga.

It is the best advice you can give yourself when you get into a sticky situation. Whether you are having martial issues, whether your relationships don’t last, or maybe your coworkers go on your nerves, ask Olga and get your answers for everything.

With over 30 years of experience in solving relationship issues and giving advice, Olga now has a dedicated website that will provide answers to all your relationship questions.

You might think that your problems have no solution or that such thing has not come across Olga’s desk before, you might be wrong. All you have to do, in order to be given clear, reasonable and practical directions on how to solve your issues is ask Olga. Her answers might be tough but they are always fair.

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