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My boyfriend has decided to see a psychiatrist because he feels uncomfortable in what would ordinarily be considered routine social interactions. I have been supportive of his decision because I love him and want him to be happy. It’s been a few weeks and he’s become self-centered, argumentative and totally unreceptive to my point of view. I’m finding it impossible to talk to him. What should I do? Sally

Dear Sally

You need to take yourself into that doctor’s office for a couples consultation and address your concerns. Unfortunately, when one partner seeks counseling, their needs alone are addressed. The patient speaks from their own perspective and the therapist can inadvertently feed their narcissistic tendencies.

Become proactive Sally or settle for what’s offered.


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My roommate is the rudest thing. She uses up all of the toilet paper and never replaces it. She has any number of other disgusting habits but being left high and less than dry is seriously starting to piss me off. How can I deal with this situation? Gretchen

Dear Gretchen

At least you have your sense of humor intact. She leaves you no toilet paper as she pisses you off. You tickle me.

Do yourself a favor. Take your tush to targets or whatever store is closest and buy yourself an industrial size pack of tp. Tuck it away under your bed and carry as needed. The only one who will be left doing the hillbilly shake will be your roommate Josie Grosie. Also try to find a new roommate.


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My husband has a new habit of keeping our house like a meat locker. For some ungodly reason he’s under the impression that 64 degrees is a tolerable temperature. I’m starting to fear loosing a lesser appendage to frost bite. What can I do? Kelly

Dear Kelly

You can get yourself a sweater and a pair of socks and if you’re really afraid of losing a digit to frost bite you can add a copy of Gray’s Anatomy to your list.

I’m guessing that you are a wee wiliker of a thing based on your level of shock.

Just you wait, my delicate little dandelion.

Carry a child or two and you’ll be mighty grateful that your place is nice and cool.

Start having those hot flashes and you’ll be complaining that he keeps it too hot.

Listen sister, if the room temp is your biggest issue, you’re doing just fine. Bundle up and relax.


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