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Olga Dishes Out Another Helping of Tough Love


I met a man at work a few months ago. I rarely see him because he works on a different floor. He asked me out for drinks and when I arrived, six of his friends were there. I figured there was some mix up. When he asked me to dinner, the same thing happened. I really like him but have I been friend zoned? Pammy

Dear Pammy

The term friend zone implies that you are friends. Given that you rarely see this man in addition to his lack of communication with you, I feel comfortable saying, no, you have not been friend zoned. Either this fellow is inexperienced or he is socially impaired. Move on. He is wasting your time.



I met a great guy when I was out at a bar about a month ago. We spend a lot of nights together but sometimes he just blows me off. He finally told me that he has a 1 yr old with another woman and they have an on again off again relationship. He says he loves spending time with me and that I'm special. Should I believe him? I really like him. Frieda

Dear Frieda

Let’s review this situation. Shall we?
You picked up a man in a bar. You spend a lot of nights together, presuming that he doesn’t cancel and he has a baby with another woman with whom he has a relationship.
I’ve been around the block, we both know that “nights” is code for sex. Here’s a tip for you,in this context, ” special” is code for free. So yes, he thinks you are special. Should you ever see him again? No,absolutely not. He is unworthy of you.
Most women who pick up men in bars and spend the night with them ,charge. Unless this is a summer internship for college credit, stop playing bar fly and work on your self esteem.



My father and I fight about my clothing all the time. I'm 17 yrs old and I'm almost an adult. How can I make him understand that if I want to look hot, that's my right? Kelly

Dear Kelly

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that you live in your father’s house. I admire your spunky attitude. That will serve you well when you grow up. Until then, show a little respect. It’s the dead of summer, I’m fairly certain that you look hot. Now try to look like a lady.


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