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A Special Message to Angry Hillary Supporters

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Dear Disappointeds

Many Clinton supporters feel stunned by the results of yesterday’s election. It’s okay to feel sad. No one likes to loose.

In any election, one side wins and the other does not. The candidate represents a particular style of governance. That’s it. Your choices are a reflection of you.

The nature of democracy is that all of the adult citizens in good standing are entitled to vote. The majority determines the outcome.

Temper tantrums that are taken to the streets reflect poorly on you, not the politicians. Making nasty faces at your coworkers who voted for Trump, says nothing about them. It says plenty about you. Spewing hateful bile all over Facebook as if it were your personal journal makes you look unstable. You may regard that as a valuable emotional purge but your outburst will remain available to the viewing public for years to come.

If you feel self-righteous, that’s fine. Share your feelings with your like-minded friends or your therapist.

If Secretary Clinton had won, you’d expect to be allowed to be pleased that your team prevailed. You would be disgusted by ostentatious displays of poor sportsmanship.

Presumably, you feel that your sense of decency has been violated. That’s fair.

If however, it is decency, fairness and mutual respect that you are fighting for, don’t you feel just a little bit foolish behaving badly when you lost fair and square and worse yet showing no respect for those with a different opinion?

You are perfectly entitled to feel disappointed. The law allows you to behave like a spoiled brat who was just denied a lollypop if you want. Here’s the painful truth though, children throw tantrums and act out. Adults don’t.

Adults assess the circumstances and figure out a reasonable way to effect the change they want to see. Go volunteer. Go help out in some way. Be a living example of the values that you hold dear. If you can’t do that, go home and lick your wounds in private.

There’s a reason why voting is a privilege given only to grownups. Disappointed children are disruptive and impede the progress of the group.

You are very lucky. In this country you get to choose. Be an adult and vote or be a reactive child and respond with inappropriate emotion to realities that make you unhappy. If you choose the latter, please do the rest of us a favor and steer clear of grown up business.


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